Why Sell in Winter?

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There is no doubt that winter is now here, however with the good supply of buyers available it is still a good time to list a property, especially if it gets particularly good winter sun. With KiwiSaver funds becoming available now for those who have been involved from the outset, the first home market is particularly busy.

Many home-owners think that winter is not the time to sell their property – the weather is colder, their gardens don’t look their best and they think everyone, like them, is bunkering down till the warmer weather arrives.

Not so. I am dealing every weekend with a wide array of buyers, across all price ranges, looking for new homes. Many are first home buyers whose Kiwisaver contributions  are becoming available for use as a deposit. The most active price range is, as it has been for several months, in the $300,000 and under bracket. This is the price range where some 65% of Dunedin residential sales are occurring month by month. Increasingly, buyers looking in this price range are becoming frustrated at the lack of choice and the fact that well-presented, well-priced properties are quickly sold or coming under contract very soon after coming to market.

Anyone with a property in this price bracket who thinks they will do better by waiting for spring or summer to sell should think again. I frequently encounter buyers who admit they have deliberately chosen this time of year to look for property.  “If it looks good now, it’ll look great in summer,” they say. For sellers, it makes sense if your property is warm, well insulated – or able to be made so relatively easily —  that you market the property when there is strong demand and limited supply. Then, your chances of achieving a higher price are greatly increased, especially if you choose your real estate sales consultant wisely. Look for someone who has a good track record and well proven systems of attaining top prices.