Vendors Ask: Auction or Deadline?

Vendors Ask: Auction or Deadline? As the market continues to rise, property owners thinking of […]

Mood of the Market – March 2017

Dunedin Market Report – March 2017 (February Data) February was surprisingly low on turnover for […]

Mood of the Market – February 2017

Dunedin Market Report – February 2017 (January Data) January was somewhat quieter than last year […]

Team Excels

Team Excels It’s been a great few months with sales team member Kerry Sizemore-George joining my […]

Mood of the Market – January 2017

Dunedin Market Report – January 2017 (December Data) December was a busy month again with […]

How Long Will The Market Stay Heated?

How Long Will The Market Stay Heated? If we could see into the future, buyers […]

Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas A very merry Christmas and happy holiday season. We hope you have at […]

Mood of the Market – December 2016

Dunedin Property Report – December 2016 (Nov Data) Despite the fact that Christmas is almost […]

Mood of the Market – November 2016

Dunedin Property Report – November 2016 (October Data) We have continued through October with the […]

Agency Agreements Vital

Agency Agreements Vital In the old days of real estate it was not uncommon for […]