Mood of the Market – October 2017

Dunedin Property Report – October (September 2017 Data) The last month has seen a continuation […]

Mood of the Market – September 2017

Dunedin Property Report – September 2017 (August Data) Although it looked last month like the […]

An Attractive Investment City

An Attractive Investment City It might surprise many Dunedin property owners to know that our […]

Mood of the Market – August 2017

Dunedin Property Report – August (July 2017 Data) We are seeing signs of an end […]

Mood of the Market – July 2017

Dunedin Market Report – July 2017 (June Data) With the lowest number of listings on […]

Eight Years at the Top

Eight Years at the Top It’s very pleasing to report I’ve retained the No 1 […]

Market Turnaround

Market Turnaround The state of the market now – very much a sellers’ market – […]

Mood of the Market – June 2017

Dunedin Market Report – June 2017 (May Data) Although May has been a relatively mild […]

Best Buyer Wins – Every Time

Best Buyer Wins – Every Time Few people would be surprised to learn that the […]

Mood of the Market – May 2017

Dunedin Property Report – May 2017 (April Data) April statistics are what we expected to […]