Mood of the Market – February 2018

Dunedin Property Report – February 2018 (January Data) As expected, there was a substantial rise […]

What Will 2018 Hold?

What Will 2018 Hold? With a new year already more than a month gone, many […]

Mood of the Market – January 2018

Dunedin Property Report – January 2018 (December Data) December was only slightly behind last year […]

Does the Market Take A Holiday?

Does the Market Take A Holiday? Over the past few decades it’s been common for […]

Mood of the Market – December 2017

Dunedin Property Report – December 2017 (November Data) As we approach the end of the […]

Mood of the Market – November 2017

Dunedin Property Report – November 2017 (October Data) Although Dunedin only had 180 sales in […]

New Political Landscape

New Political Landscape Several buyers and vendors have asked recently what effect the new coalition […]

Mood of the Market – October 2017

Dunedin Property Report – October (September 2017 Data) The last month has seen a continuation […]

Mood of the Market – September 2017

Dunedin Property Report – September 2017 (August Data) Although it looked last month like the […]

An Attractive Investment City

An Attractive Investment City It might surprise many Dunedin property owners to know that our […]